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Release date: 12/25/2016 Recording time: 120 minutes Performer: -- directed by: -- Series: - Manufacturer: Yariseman legend Label: Legend of Yariman Genre: married woman adultery big tits documentary sleeping / sleeping sample movie Product code: yrmn00041 On a weekday last week, I suspected my wife cheating, I invited my wife to a drinking place on the way home from work and introduced my colleagues. I am surrounded by young men and the expression of my wife is relaxed. At the same time, I also requested an investigator. And, as I was going to leave, I was going to introduce as a collaborator who brings a Shiloh report that my fellows as a watchdam's watchdog and also there was nothing ... 3P, Gonzo, Cum Inside, The whole picture of my wife is this!

発売日: 2016/12/25 収録時間: 120分 出演者: —- 監督: —- シリーズ: —- メーカー: ヤリマン伝説 レーベル: ヤリマン伝説 ジャンル: 人妻 不倫 巨乳 ドキュメンタリー 寝取り・寝取られ サンプル動画 品番: yrmn00041 先週のある平日、妻の浮気を疑った私は仕事帰りの飲みの場に妻を呼び仕事仲間を紹介した。若い男達に囲まれ妻の表情が緩む。併せて内偵業者にも依頼をかけた。そして私は退席、仲間達には妻の見張り役として、また何も無かったというシロ報告を持ってきてくれる協力者として紹介したつもりだったのだが…3P、ハメ撮り、中出し、やりたい放題超淫乱妻の全貌がこれだ!