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My name is Sugisaki. I am struggling to make a child with my husband, but I do not know whether it is compatibility or timing. I also checked each other, but this time again it was not a good result. Where my husband was suffering from a couple, did my husband get seed from another person? I began to say. At the beginning I did not understand the meaning. I do not want to do anything with other people, I do not want to be with other people because I want a child with my husband. But my husband says. I want you a child. You can do something other than your husband. That's right, my husband has said that he would like me to embrace other men so that I can see him, so-called? With a desire. I may have been a bit tired because of child making, I nodded my husband's offer. And today it is supposed to see someone who contacted you on the bulletin board written by my husband.