PORN Video

Adult sex hot Makoto of the third year of marriage and Yui of his wife recently have not been satisfied with the couple's career. Makoto tends to leave a lot of business trips, and Makoto surely breaks in the middle. Makoto had been driven by remorse. Yui was too conscious of the chasteful wife and became completely withdrawal. Makoto worried about it and let Yui go to the cooking class he wanted to go from before...

結婚3年目の誠と妻の唯は、最近夫婦の営みが満足に出来ていない。誠は出張が多く家を空けがちで、さらに誠はどうしても中折れしてしまうのだ。誠は自責の念に駆られていた。唯は貞淑な妻を意識しすぎて すっかり引きこもりのようになってしまった。誠はそれを心配し唯を前から行きたがっていた料理教室に通わせたのだったが…。