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Petite and cute Asuka, Rin-chan, became a very slutted obedient maid with sudden moe, serving her husband's teacups all the while! Regardless of where you are in the house, such as bed in the morning, living room during dinner, toilet and bath, if you are ordered, you will get chewed up and lead to superb ejaculation! Sometimes I will also serve with your mouth under, I will cum too on my own pleasure! !

小柄でキュートな飛鳥りんちゃんが、激萌えでとってもエッチな従順メイドとなって、四六時中ご主人様のチ○ポをおしゃぶりご奉仕! 朝のベッド、夕食中のリビング、トイレやお風呂など、とにかく家中どこにいても、命令されればチ○ポを咥え込み、極上の射精へと導く! 時には下のお口でもサービスして、自らも快感に絶頂する!!