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I am a domestic service woman serving a family of zaibatsu, I am assigned to manage general residences in general. I have been taking care of my husband who has suffered from illness for several years now and I have made bedridden so I made serious mistakes ! I made my husband's medicine mistakenly for my husband's ED medicine! Well, will the big husband get up? ! Lie? ! "Oh, please stop me. Mr. Great Husband ... Oh, Anna"

財閥の一家に仕える家政婦の私、お屋敷全般の管理を任されている数年前から病を患い寝たきりになってしまった大旦那様の介護もしている そこで私は重大ミスをしてしまう!大旦那様の薬を若旦那様のED薬と間違えて飲ませてしまったのだ!えっ、大旦那様が起き上がる?!ウソ?!「あ、お止めください だめです大旦那さま…あ、あん」