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Release date: December 23, 2016 Recording time: 130 minutes Performer: -- directed by: -- Series: YOU to TOKYO to Nani? Maker Prestige Label: Jattane! Category: Pretty amateur cumshotome POV Product number: 118ytn004 Ami is from Gotemba, Shizuoka. A girlhood who was a tomboy was a sports universal girl enough to go to the national convention. It is only floor exercise exclusively in bed that it is now that I remember playing men at university. Such a beautiful girl is dedicating to the competition that licks the anal and the fingers of the father's eyes! Yuka, a native of Niigata, has borrowed an apartment nearby to make it easy to pass, but he never goes to college and SM dating everyday days of fishing. I was raised as a perverted man who was oblivious to the old man who was found today as well, was strangled and drunk, but still getting wet with masochism. Lady of a beautiful leg from Kanagawa · Shion sounds a luxury condominium living in Ebisu with a large amount of remittance. However, it seems that social status and sexuality do not have to be related to each other because it is said that they like to serve a senior uncle when they are horny. Yuno who has been in Tokyo from Fukuoka is truly a woman in Kyushu! It is a dedication sex whose man is rising. Everyone is from a rural area. Even though Edoguchi is pretending, it seems that the identity of an erotic child is spoiled. Everyone M M! A whole-body licking service!

発売日: 2016/12/23 収録時間: 130分 出演者: —- 監督: —- シリーズ: YOUはナニしにTOKYOへ? メーカー: プレステージ レーベル: ヤッタネ! ジャンル: 美少女 素人 顔射 ハメ撮り 品番: 118ytn004 亜美ちゃんは静岡・御殿場出身。おてんばだった少女時代は全国大会に出るほどのスポーツ万能娘。それが今じゃ大学で男遊びを覚えてからというものするのはもっぱらベッドで床運動ばかり。こんな美少女がオヤジのアナルや足の指を舐め回す競技に打ち込んでいるのです! 新潟出身の結花ちゃんは、通いやすいようにと近くにアパートを借りたのに大学になんか行かずSM出会い系で男漁りの日々。今日も見つけたおっさんにビンタされ首を絞められツバを飲まされ、それでもマゾ濡れでイキまくってしまう変態さんに育ちました。 神奈川出身の美脚お嬢さま・詩音ちゃんは、多額の仕送りで恵比寿の高級マンション暮らし。でもエッチのときは冴えないおっさんに奉仕するのが好きだというのだから、社会的身分と性癖って関係ないみたいです。 福岡から上京してきたゆのちゃんは、さすが九州の女!男を勃てる献身セックスなのです。 みんなやっぱり地方出身者。江戸っ子のフリをしてもエロっ子の正体ってバレちゃうみたい。全員ドM!で全身舐め奉仕!