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A servant of a private tutor who accidently erected by seeing the student's panchira. Even then the worst thing was that the student took a photo of the valley, erection it! Even so, I threatened the photograph with neta, made me masturbate in front of my eyes, and while my mother was close to me, I was blowing up and studying and leaning against me, my girlfriend was taunt ....

教え子のパンチラを見てうっかり勃起してしまった家庭教師の僕。しても最悪なことに教え子にそれがバレー、勃起した姿を写真に撮ってしまった!それからでも、写真をネタに脅かす され、目の前でオナニーさせられたり、近くにお母さんがいるのにフェラしてきたりと勉強そっちのけで僕のチ○ポは弄ばれて...。