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Yamazaki refused to increase the debt from one mountain. As a result, Katayama who went bankrupt threatens to rape the rare of Yamazaki's wife for revenge. A rare spirit will be destroyed to a number of metamorphosis exercises that are held every night during a business trip to Yamazaki. Anal torture that turns from agony into pleasure. All four naked crawls in the cold weather which forced her pride to be forgotten. Insult, training and domination. Masochic pleasure that is carved into the rare flesh.

片 山からの借金の増額を断った山崎。その結果、倒産した片山は復讐のために山崎の妻の希を強姦し脅迫する。山崎の出張中に連日連夜行われる変態調教の数々に 希の精神は壊されていく。苦悶から快感に変わっていくアナル責め。プライドをかなぐり捨てさせる寒空の下での全裸四つん這い。凌辱・調教・支配。希の肉体 に刻み込まれていくマゾの悦び。