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オルガOlga Label: NAGIRA - Nagira - Genre: humiliation, married woman, adultery, simple piece, lying down / sleeping, drama, sample movie Product code: h_771nacs009 Emi Emi (Haruhara Mirai) in the second year of marriage moved to this apartment by relocation of her husband. Coincidentally my senior who was longing for college years lived in the same apartment, and while my memory story was exciting I was being insulted and tied up. Every day when that relationship is known to the owner Sugisaki, it is intimidated by Sugisaki and it is insulted every day.

レーベル: NAGIRA-ナギラ- ジャンル: 辱め,人妻,不倫,単体作品,寝取り・寝取られ,ドラマ,サンプル動画 品番: h_771nacs009 結婚2年目の恵美(春原未来)は、夫の転勤によりこのマンションに引っ越して来た。偶然にも同じマンションに大学時代の憧れだった先輩が住んでいて、思い出話が盛り上がるうちに言い寄られ関係を結んでしまった。その関係を大家の杉崎に知られてしまい、それをネタに杉崎に脅迫され凌辱される毎日が始まる。