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The second series of Lesbian school girls to make older sister thoroughly comprehensive! A woman who is perplexed from the same sex on a bus and is perplexed. To the hanging place where fellow JK waits at the place where it is slugged and refused many times! Restraint, toy blame, continuous Ikasa ... Reason to deviate from long-lasting group lesbian insult! It is a must-see for the awakening to 'Onna's pleasure' while screaming for a miserable idiot with a miserable appearance! !

レズ女子校生たちが年上お姉さんを徹底的に言いなりにさせるシリーズ第2弾! 路線バスで同性から痴漢され戸惑う女。何度もイカされ拒めなくなったところで仲間のJKが待つたまり場へ! 拘束、玩具責め、連続イカセ…長時間に及ぶ集団レズ凌辱に狂いだす理性! 惨めな姿でイキ乱れ、淫語を叫びながら‘オンナの快楽’に覚醒していく姿は必見!!