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Product release date: 2016/11/4 Recording time: 115 minutes (HD version: 115 minutes) Cast: Namiki Anna directed by: -- Series: Creamy sex so sexually cramped in the gap that her husband does not see at home Manufacturer: Light night butterfly Label: Light night butterfly Genre: single body work planning toy cum shot sleeping, sleeping married woman high vision Product number: 540yst00097 Suddenly at the couple's house, a sefure man appears and blames the unfaithful wife at every place of the couple's house to disseminate libido! A man whose woman's smartphone rang in front of her husband and appeared at the entrance. An apricot that once refuses but once the Do switch is turned on it gradually breathes breathing and gets underwear dirty with love juice. I inadvertently call out with a high speed buckle on the immediate side of my bedroom where my husband is sleeping. It was a deceptive wife who was doing at home in her husband 's seeds that he could not turn to excitement and pleasant feeling while feeling guilty.

商品発売日: 2016/11/04 収録時間: 115分 (HD版:115分) 出演者: 並木杏梨 監督: —- シリーズ: 自宅で夫が見てない隙に痙攣するほど中出しセックス メーカー: 光夜蝶 レーベル: 光夜蝶 ジャンル: 単体作品 企画 おもちゃ 中出し 寝取り・寝取られ 人妻 ハイビジョン 品番: 540yst00097 夫婦宅に突如、セフレ男が現れて性欲を発散するため夫婦宅のあらゆる場所で不貞妻を責めまくる! 夫との団欒中に女のスマホが鳴り玄関先に現れた男。拒否をするものの一度ドMスイッチが入ってしまうと次第に呼吸を荒くし下着を愛液で汚してしまう杏梨。夫が寝ている寝室のすぐ側で高速バック突きで思わず声を出してしまう。罪悪感がありながらも興奮と快感には逆らえず、夫にはさせない種付けを我が家でされるドM不倫妻だった。