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人妻,不倫Married wife, affair, planning, unitary work, kiss / kiss, sample movie Product number: 1hbad420 A married woman suffering from a sexless life with her husband · Hikari. At one point, I lose a physical relationship with a man other than my husband at the last chance. And I knew the pleasures that I had never had before. Okonko keeps tiring for a rich kiss. While feeling guilty to her husband, she can not stop adultery. It is dangerous if you do it, but it feels much better than I do with my husband,

企画,単体作品,キス・接吻,サンプル動画 品番: 1hbad420 夫とのセックスレス生活に苦しむ人妻・ひかり。ある時、ふとしたきっかけで夫以外の男と肉体関係を持ってしまう。そして今まで味わったことのない快楽を知ってしまった。濃厚な接吻にオ○ンコはイキっぱなし。夫への罪悪感を覚えながらも、不倫は止められない。バレたらヤバい、でも夫とするより、ずっと気持ちいいんです。