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Av film sex A civil engineering builder who came next to the married wife Hiro, came to greetings and looked at Hilo with a strange eye. Hilo complains about not being able to endure too much attitude of a civil engineering builder who does not make fun of running around at home or watching AV at loud sound or discarding garbage. A civil engineer who thought that it was a good woman from whom he made a complaint about what he was complaining took Hilo into his house and attack him...

人妻ヒロの隣に越してきた土木建築員、挨拶に来てヒロをスケベな眼で見る。 毎晩家でバカ騒ぎをしたり大音量でAVを見たりゴミも分別もしたりしない 土木建築員のあまりの態度に耐えかねて文句を言うヒロ。 文句を言われたことにハラを立て前々からいい女だと思ってた土木員はヒロを家に連れ込み襲う