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Jav ナチュラルハイ Today I hunted Matsutake alone. But I can hardly find it ... In such a case, I met a man who came to pick up chestnut alone. Since I was treated to lunch, I invited you to my house in return. I have a strong drink, but today I got drunk. Ah! Matsutake founded in a place like this! ~! The taste of autumn must be tasted in season. I was crazy and seemed to have found Kure over there. I got very excited and enjoyed each other. Because I wanted to eat even with the mouth under, I inserted Zubi all the way in various postures! It was so comfortable and I caught it many times. I will go to Matsutake hunting soon.

今日は一人でマツタケ狩り。でもなかなか見つからないなぁ・・・そんな時、一人で栗拾いに来ていた男の人に出会いました。ランチをご馳走になったので、お礼に自宅へご招待。お酒強いのに今日は酔っ払っちゃいました。あ! こんな所にビンビンになったマツタケ発見~!! 秋の味覚は旬のうちに味わわないとね。と夢中で咥えていたら、向こうもクリを見つけたみたい。すごく興奮してきちゃって、お互いに堪能し合いました。下のお口でも食べたくなっちゃったので、色んな体位で奥までズッポリ挿入! 気持ちよすぎて何度もイっちゃいました。また近々マツタケ狩りに行こうかな~。