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Kyoko (35 years old) who had sex with him for 5 years on a journey with Kamiki was beginning to work on AV as a woman's pleasure was not forgotten. Six months later, the two who reunited in the studio will go on a journey on a journey. The sexual desire of a married woman who was pierced hard by an actor a few hours ago did not know the place to stay but changed from a neat figure to a nasty female who can not be imagined. I raise my ears to the inside of the inn, and reach the culm every few minutes. Documentary AV chasing after an ordinary married woman to appear in AV.

唐木監督との旅で五年振りにセックスした響子(35歳)は、女の悦びが忘れられずAVの仕事を始めていた。半年後、スタジオで再会した二人は衝動的に旅に 出る。数時間前に男優から激しく突かれていた人妻の性欲はとどまる所を知らず、清楚な容姿からは想像できない淫らな牝に豹変。旅館中に響き渡るような声を あげ、数分おきに絶頂に達する。普通の人妻がAVに出演することになったいきさつを追ったドキュメンタリーAV。