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A nurse organized aphrodisiac in a hospital in the workplace. I have an abnormality in my body that I am doing work without knowing that! A nurse who can not stand it secretly finger onanie! However, it can not stand alone by that ... "With a shower!" "With a vacuum cleaner!" "At the corner of a desk!" Etc etc. If you show Chi Po to a nurse who completely lost reason, you change the color of your eyes and ask for an insertion! !

職場の病院内で媚薬を仕組まれた看護師。そうとも知らずに仕事をしていると身体に異変が! 我慢できなくなった看護師はこっそり指オナニー! しかし、それだけでは我慢できず…「シャワーで!」「掃除機で!」「机の角で!」etc.下品なガニ股で何度もイキまくる! 完全に理性を失った看護師にチ○ポを見せれば目の色変えて挿入を求めだす!!