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初撮りFirst taken wife document Manufacturer: Center village Label: Juraku Genre: Mature wife married wife Documentary Single piece Cum Inside debut work Sample Movie Product code: h_086jrzd807 "Looking at the news, I thought it was exactly to me ..." Eri Miya, 30 years old. Humbly housewife in the eighth year of dazzling marriage with plump bust of 100 centimeters. I earn a baby boy with my husband of school faculty and staff, and now I live a peaceful life. However ... "My husband was originally an experienced footballer, but since I became an advisor to the football club a couple of years ago, I began to put more effort into club activities, even during New Year's holidays I was practicing except New Year's Day. "Mr. Emi who has become so-called" club activities widow "state. "At first I thought it was something like that, but I guess this state is not normal anymore." In the second word, I heard that "the future of children is ~ future" ~ Without having ears to opponent Her dissatisfaction and stress exploding at last finished

人妻ドキュメント メーカー: センタービレッジ レーベル: 聚楽 ジャンル: 熟女 人妻 ドキュメンタリー 単体作品 中出し デビュー作品 サンプル動画 品番: h_086jrzd807 「ニュースを見て、あ、まさに私のことだ…と思いました。」細谷えみりさん30歳。100センチの豊満バストがまぶしい結婚8年目の専業主婦。学校教職員のご主人とのあいだに一児を儲け、現在は平穏な生活を送る日々。ところが…「主人は元々サッカー経験者なんですけど、数年前にサッカー部の顧問になってから極端に部活動に力を入れるようになって。年末年始ですら元旦以外は練習だったんです。」いわゆる『部活未亡人』状態になってしまったえみりさん。「最初はそういうものかな…なんて思ってたんですけど、やっぱりこの状態って普通じゃないんだなって。」二言目には「子供たちの未来が~将来が~」と聞く耳持たず相手にしてもらえない彼女の不満とストレスがついに爆発