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クリクリのChikuri 's eyes are going on hot - spring trip with Mori Horiguchi of charm point. First of all, before I leave, I am amazed at the body of Maki 's body with a rotor in the car. Maki-chan who feels more and more while holding resistance at first. This trip that began with a good feeling, when I arrive at the place, I change into a yukata and go around the neighborhood. The clothes are removed in the shade, the skin is revealed, it gets excited. There over there already wet and wet. When I got back to the hotel, I was caught inside by plenty of being accused by back and normal position with an outdoor bath with outstanding scenery.

瞳がチャームポイントの堀口真希ちゃんと温泉旅行に出かけちゃいます。 まずは出発前に車の中でローターで真希ちゃんのえっちな身体をいじいじしちゃいます。最初は抵抗を持ちつつも、どんどん感じていく真希ちゃん。いい感じで始まった今回の旅行、現地に着いたら浴衣に着替えて近所を練り歩くことに。物陰で着物を脱がされて肌をあらわにされて、興奮する中あそこはもう濡れ濡れ。宿に戻ると抜群の景色の見える露天風呂でバックや正常位で責められてたっぷり中出しされちゃいました。