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일본어 AV 아이돌 It is somewhat erotic and lovely Ogura Hiromi chan's latest work only in the atmosphere! Hiromi who presents Valentine's chocolate to her boyfriend a few days earlier, apparently the body is unavoidable. Such a beloved girl and breathing fellow of Aki will not only be excited, they will shut up to the bedroom .... While Hiromi's instantly become Nurenu while raising a sweet pant voice with a rotor and a vibe, the boyfriend plays with a huge boast of the pride she wants. At the end, please let me have it in my mouth, Hiromi of satisfaction. Please enjoy dazzling sex with love.

雰囲気だけでなんだかエロくて愛くるしい大倉ひろみちゃんの最新作! 数日早まって、バレンタインのチョコレートを彼氏にプレゼントするひろみちゃん、どうやら体がウズウズして仕方ないご様子。そんな最愛の彼女と阿吽の呼吸な彼も、興奮ただならなくなり、二人は黙って寝室へ…。ローターとバイブで甘い喘ぎ声をあげながら、ひろみちゃんのあそこが即座にヌレヌレになると、彼氏は彼女のお望みの自慢のでっかい肉棒でつきまくります。 最後は口の中に出してもらって、満足のひろみちゃん。愛のあるまばゆいセックスをお楽しみください。